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What are some alternate approaches of determining the filename(s) of source file(s) included in another source file dynamically? I'm trying to avoid hard-coding file names where possible.

I'm currently using a workaround discussed in this page

I'm just wondering though if there are better ways than that suggested approach.


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The only way for an ASP file to know what file it is #include'ing is for it to read itself in as a text file, and parse itself looking for "#include" strings.

The very first thing the ASP interpreter does when a script runs is to go through and glue all of the #include'd code in to the parent file's code [in memory]. By the time the actual code is interpreted, it isn't even aware that it's split across more than one file.

Server.Execute() is probably what you're after... you can define what files to execute on the fly. They don't even necessarily have to exist before the script runs (although that's not really a recommended practice ;-))


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