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I am displaying photo with user generated title in popup using fancybox. while trying to get the escaped title displayed in the popup, I noticed the following behavior:

console.log( $("<a title=\"&lt;script&gt;alert('test')&lt;/script&gt;\">").attr('title') );

output: <script>alert('test')</script>

console.log( $("<p>&lt;script&gt;alert('test')&lt;/script&gt;</p>").html() );

output: &lt;script&gt;alert('test')&lt;/script&gt;

console.log( $("<p>&lt;script&gt;alert('test')&lt;/script&gt;</p>").text() );

output: <script>alert('test')</script>

my problem is that the title in the popup window is by calling obj.attr('title') which returns the unescaped title instead of the escaped one.

How do I get the escaped title in obj.attr('title') call?

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It should work if you add an extra entity level to your title, like this:

$("<a title=\"&amp;lt;script&amp;gt;alert('test')&amp;lt;/script&amp;gt;\">").attr('title');

It depends on your server side environment, how you do this, a PHP example:

$title = str_replace("&","&amp;",$title);
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my template system provides method to escapes tags by converting the characters "<", ">", "&" and """ to "&lt;", "&gt;", "&amp;", and "&quot;". the title="" content is filtered through the escape method when generating html page and I thought that would be safe enough. Now I need to do another escape of the & to &amp; I almost missed this one and it would be a XSS security hold if I did let it slip. –  perlwle Jun 15 '11 at 13:24

The problem is not the getting, the setting is already wrong(the entities will be replaced by the browser).
Use $().attr() to set the title:


..or replace all occurences of & with &amp;

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