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I want to pass cursor and data structure to a procedure, the procedure then populates the structure with the next row from the sql cursor. Is this possible? A template of what I am trying to achive is below.

  * Fetch the next row from a cursor
  * @param cursor - the name of the cursor
  * @param structure - the data structure to hold the fields
 pfetchNextRow     B
 DfetchNextRow     PI              N
 d cursor                     32767A   varying const
 d structure       DS                  ???????               
     exec sql
       fetch next from :cursor  into :structure 

     if (sqlstate = SQL_SUCCESS);
       return *on;
       exec sql
         close :cursor;
       return *off;

 pfetchNextRow     E

How sould I pass the cursor, and how would I define the data structure parameter?

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I Don't know if you've received an answer on the other site, but other can need it.

The cursors exists "GLOBALLY" BUT only in the module where they are declared, you're not in the need to pass it to procedures in this module, the cursor you declared is always available till it's closed or the job ends.

You can do something like this (only if you are in the SAME MODULE):

 P SQLprep_mC      B                   EXPORT
 D SQLprep_mc      PI                  Like(g_retCode)
 D strInSQL                            Like(string_MAX_V)

   exec SQL
   exec sql prepare p1 from :strINsql ;
   //.... declare and open

 P SQLprep_mC      E  

 P SQLfetch_mC_st  B                   EXPORT
 D SQLfetch_mC_st  PI                  Like(g_retCode)
 D    Row                              LikeDs(dsSql_0)
 D    NullI                            Like(sqlNI_0) Dim(DSSql0_nFields)

 D Rowmc_b         DS                  LikeDs(dsSql_0) Based(pNull1)
 D Rowmc           DS                  LikeDs(dsSql_0)
 D pNUll1          s               *   inz(%ADDR(Rowmc))
 D SQLind          s                   Like(sqlNI_0) Based(pNull2)
 D NullImc         S                   like(SQLind) Dim(DSSql_nFields)
 D pNull2          s               *   inz(%ADDR(NullImc))

     exec SQL fetch next from mC into :Rowmc :NullImc ;
     Row   = Rowmc   ;
     NullI = NullImc ; 

 P SQLfetch_mC_st  E 

Those 2 procedures use the same cursor "mC" , and are in the same module. The first prepare, declare and open the cursor, the second fetch the row in RowMC.

As you can see the DS used for the fetch is BASED, the NULLindicator Array too.

All the Like and LikeDS parameter are defined in a copy file as TEMPLATE, like:

 D comfraf       e DS                  extname(comfra00f) QUALIFIED TEMPLATE
 D dsSql_0         DS                  Qualified  TEMPLATE
 D  cid                                like(comfraf.cid      )            
 D  ccap                               like(comfraf.ccap     )            

 D sqlNI_0         s              5I 0 TEMPLATE 

Hope this can help someone.

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I am not sure that you can dynamically define the cursor. A great place to ask this question is on RPG400-L. There are members of the RPG compiler team on that list who often answers questions like this.

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Thanks, I registered with them –  jax Jun 15 '11 at 22:51

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