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how to divide QGridLayout into rows and columns at Design Time in QT ?

I want to design one form where i want to have 2 columns and 7 rows . I am designing using QTCreator but i am not getting any option of giving rows/columns.

It shows only these properties

enter image description here

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See Using Layouts in Qt Designer. For you the most important paragraph is this:

The simplest way to manage objects is to apply a layout to a group of existing objects. This is achieved by selecting the objects that you need to manage and applying one of the standard layouts using the main toolbar, the Form menu, or the form's context menu.

  1. place your widgets on the form
  2. arrange them into 2 columns and 7 rows
  3. select all of them
  4. right click on the selected widgets
  5. select Lay Out in a Grid on the context menu.
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Ya i got it but when i select all and apply grid to them , there comes some extra spaces in the controls & especially buttons expand a lot ? –  user662285 Jun 15 '11 at 7:31
@user662285 From the same doc: You can also add and remove spacers from the layout to influence the geometries of the widgets. Place horizontal spacers on both sides of the buttons. Instead of laying out the widgets in a grid lay out horizontal layouts in a grid where each horizontal layout contain a spacer, a widget and another spacer. –  Bill Jun 15 '11 at 7:49

QLayout structure is created dynamically as you add widgets to it, there's no way to predefine how many rows/cols a layout have. Maybe you are using the wrong approach to achieve your goal.

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