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I want to upload a mac application to the App Store.

What do I need to prepare about icons, sourcecode?

For example, for an iPhone app I need two icons (57x57 for iphone, 512x512 for iTunes - iTunesArtwork), what about for mac applications?

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The standard way to prepare icons is using the Icon Composer application included with the Developer Tools. (/Developer/Applications/Utilities/Icon Composer)

It will create a special autoresizing .icns image. When you export your icon from Photoshop or whatever save it as a 512x512 image. Paste it into Icon Composer and export it as an .icns. Set the exported image as the icon file in the app's plist.

You can refer here for some more specifics. (scroll down to "Creating Icons")

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thank you so much. When I read [A Suggested Process for Creating Icons]() part, I'm confused icon size. What size (512x512,128x128,32x32,16x16) should I choose the best? – user718408 Jun 15 '11 at 8:39
best: all of them. At least: 128x128. – Christian Beer Jun 15 '11 at 13:04

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