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I am using restful_authentication plugin in my Rails3 app and now in trying to install forgot_password plugin to work with it, there was no problem installing the plugin that all went pretty smooth but i can't seem to generate forgot_password.

I was told to run the following command after I install the forgot_password plugin:

ruby script/generate forgot_password password user

but since im using Rails3 i ran the above command like this:

rails generate forgot_password password user

but it always quits with the error:

                Could not find generator forgot_password.

oh and one more thing, the actual command looks like this:

ruby script/generate forgot_password <password-model-name> <user-model-name>

Can anyone tell me what that password-model-name is for, i mean i only have a model for user i don't have one for password then what am i suppose to do,

thanks for any help..

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While I am not sure, it looks like it may be a Rails 2 plugin you are trying to run on a Rails 3 app. I would check the vendor/plugin directory to see if you can find any generators and if you can copy and paste them to lib/generators/ or lib/rails_generators/, as that is where Rails 3 may look as I have come to read. If they don't exists there is your problem. Not to mention last time I checked Rails 3 uses the command:

rails generate

and not

ruby script/generate

With the same syntax after this part.

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