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I'm a new of grails plugin, Here are my questions:

1. How to log plugin's service/controller 's log?

for example, my plugin has: system.TzLibService, system.UserController

how to set log4j config in mainapp config, in order to show all logs of my plugin's classes.

2. Is there anyway to change mainapp's Config.groovy?

i want to change grails.config.locations after install my plugin in _install.groovy, add some ant commond? how?

3. inline plugin can't call _install.groovy ?

4. plugin's controller do not add log method?

system.UserController is one controller of my plugin

it extends utils.AbstractController (at plugin's src/groovy)

when visit /user/listAjax (extend from AbstractController), "" can't find:

groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: log for class: system.UserController Possible solutions: g, jq, list, r, show
at system.UserController.propertyMissing(UserController.groovy)

at ssh.AbstractController.getProperty(AbstractController.groovy)

at ssh.AbstractController$_closure3.doCall(AbstractController.groovy:37)


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