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I use a lot of packages and I know some functions are masked because they exist in several different packages. Is there a way to get the list of duplicate functions (or masked functions?)

The ideal would be to have a list of duplicate function and for each of them, the list of packages in which it exists.

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in R base:


And to find the list of environments that contain a version of

getAnywhere(x = "functionA")

Note: getAnywhere also finds the functions which are not exported. and that are hence not creating conflicts.

A better (simpler) result could be obtained using:

x = "functionA"
names(which(sapply(search(), FUN = function(env) exists(x, env, inherits = FALSE, mode = "function"))))
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well. it is showing functionA from package P interacts with something. But how I find the package Q that is interacting? –  user56 Mar 13 at 8:17
I think there is a base function to do that but cannot find it back. In the mean time I suggest simply the code above. –  RockScience Mar 13 at 8:32
thanks for improving the answer –  user56 Mar 13 at 8:37
ok the function I was looking for is getAnywhere. I edited the answer –  RockScience Mar 13 at 8:43

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