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I have sports contents, so I create 2 content types season and teams, I added a reference field to the season content type which get the list of teams to select the teams in this season... Now I need to create a view to list teams under specific season, so I know I should use relationship and argument but I failed to do it

So I need the steps to create a view to list teams under specific season

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View should look something like this: filter:

  • node:type = season


  • Relation to team


  • node: title (for season)
  • node: title (for team) + check to use relation to team

now about selecting season you can use: exposed filter for season OR you can use arguments Settings for arguments:

  • In arguments field select content(season)
  • In path set structure of your URL with % in place of argument (season/%)

Hope this helps

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you saved my day! –  Mohamed Badr Jun 15 '11 at 14:59

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