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Up till now I mostly used excel to plot any data I retrieve from MySQL using PHP, (with occasionally a JS library like HighCharts to plot data). This is not really an option when I want more complex charts/visualizations or if there are to many records (excel gets slooooow) so I'm looking for alternatives. However, there are so many options! I've downloaded and tried things like R and Processing several times but I'm not convinced yet this is the right tool for 'just' charting my data in a nice way.

So... im curious to here opinions about the best way to go. Learn Python? Really dive into Java/processing? any other options? (or stick with PHP and you have a real flexible graphing library available? ;) )

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I think Python is great for quick and rich data processing.

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Personally I find that Incanter is a great toolset that I can heartily recommend (I use it for visualisation in my own projects).

It's a statistical computing and visualisation library for Clojure - which in turn is a very powerful, flexible and dynamic langauge, particularly suited for interactive experiments with data

Nice features:

  • Numerics provide by parallel colt
  • Charts are generated using the very comprehensive JFreeChart library
  • It also uses Processing for some visualizations
  • Clojure in itself is a great language for data processing and exploration
  • Interop with Java is excellent, so you can use any Java libraries easily (for stuff like database access, web services, message queue integration, networking etc.)

I particularly like the DSL for creating charts, e.g. to create a histogram of 1000 samples from the normal distribution you can just do:

(view (histogram (sample-normal 1000)))
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Python, Octave, C/C++ and so on. There are a lot of libraries for plotting for each of them.

I can recommend GPL plotting library MathGL and its front-end UDAV. Last one have another command language for plotting.

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