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I am working with hibernate and PostgreSQL for deployment and for testing I am using hsqldb. Is there a way that I can add aliases (without changing hsqldb source code) for types that are not hsqldb compatible (i.e inet and text)?

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Yes. HSQLDB 2.2 allows you to define new types.

  • Use PostgreSQL syntax compatibility mode. This adds support for the TEXT type as well as several important syntax differences. Appending ;sql.syntax_pgs=true to the end of URL or adding it as a connection property, or executing the SQL statement SET DATABASE SQL SYNTAX PGS TRUE enables the PostgreSQL syntax mode. The syntax additions are documented in the HSQLDB Guide here http://hsqldb.org/doc/2.0/guide/deployment-chapt.html#N141D3

  • Use CREATE TYPE new_type_name AS built_in_type_definition to create aliases for types that are not supported

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How do I set hsqldb to Use PostgreSQL syntax compatibility mode ? –  jacob Jun 15 '11 at 11:10
Edited the answer with the information. –  fredt Jun 15 '11 at 11:30

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