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I have to port sql server (2008) database with t-sql scripts. I can generate "create" script per each database object (stored procedure, table) from Sql Server Management Studio (though it looks to take much time)

How do I port data for tables? I'd like to have scripts like that:


Can I generate such scripts from Sql Server Management Studio or is there some free 3'rd party utility for that? (I guess there should be).

Thank you in advance!

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possible duplicate of Get script of SQL Server data –  Barry Jun 15 '11 at 10:25
Thank you @Barry, that was exactly I was looking for :) –  Andrew Florko Jun 15 '11 at 10:33

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The (free) SMSS Tool pack addin can generate insert scripts for a DB.

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If you're going to be doing bulk inserts of data, I'd suggest using bulk insert. You can do the insert from T-SQL, but I prefer to use the bcp command line utility as I can do both the export and import with minimal change to the run line. Oh... and it runs a lot faster than a bunch of insert statements. Have a look at the documentation and see if it fits your purposes.

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