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I have a problem at seam conversation.

I know that conversation id works in sequencial order when i see at url bar (http://myprojectname/login.xhtml?cid=1). But in my program , I first begin conversation and cid is 1 (http://myprojectname/login.xhtml?cid=1) and then i begin nest conversation and cid becomes 4 (http://myprojectname/register.xhtml?cid=4). Why does it happen?

In successful program, cid is 1 after that cid is 2 and then 3, 4 for new nested conversation. But we wonder why conversation id becomes 1 and then 4.

Please explain me.

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There are different potential causes of your "problem". In your case, I suppose, cid=1 and cid=2 were temporary conversations, used by login-redirection, cid=3 is long-running and cid=4 is nested one.

In general, urls are not the best place to track conversation usage/management. Seam doesn't economize on cid's, the only thing which is guaranteed is that cid's always grow.

So, I would not worry about that..

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