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I do have a .jar file and i need to view the content of the jar files.

  1. Is there any decoder available for decoding the jar file.
  2. I have the solaris environment also and i need to know what is the
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Use the jar command line, i.e.

jar tf your-jar-file.jar
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unzip it. It's just a zip file.

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Just google jd-gui

Hopefully this works for you

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*.jar are archived files. Try extracting it with an Archiver!(similar to WinRAR on windows)

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The "official" utility is called "jar" and should be installed if a Java environment is installed. It is a command line utility that works similar to the UNIX tool "tar".

But as Mick Sear mentioned, "unzip" will also work.

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JAR files are packaged as zips, so any tools you use to open zip files should work.

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