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I have an Info-path task form in a custom SharePoint workflow that I have made.

The custom task form says to the user you have a task you need to complete here is a link to the document that you need to fill out in order to complete the task.

However the client's server has an alternative access mapping.

I pass the generated workflow URL to the task form of the document in the item-metadata.xml however this does not take into account the alternate access mapping and therefore the link is the wrong URL on the client's machine.

How do I manage to generate a URL on the server that takes into account the access mapping?

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From the AAM page which URL is the workflow using, Default?

If so what about swapping around the AAM so the one you want to use is listed as Default?

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Thanks for you reply, Yes I was thinking the access mappings must be setup wrongly although I am not really wanting to make a change on how the access mappings are setup in case I might cause problems on the clients server (they have a strange network setup). I actually thought there must be something I am doing wrong when I am generating the URL because It is currently giving the server address rather than the mapped address in the URL. – CDrnly Jun 15 '11 at 11:59

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