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I'm having trouble imploding a MySQL database array, below is a sample of the code I am using:

mysql_select_db($database_wlast, $wlast);
$query_category = "SELECT product_name FROM raw_materials WHERE category = '$_POST[category]'";
$category = mysql_query($query_category, $wlast) or die(mysql_error());
$row_category = mysql_fetch_array($category);

$result= implode(',',$row_category);

echo $result;

The result is the following:

Amber glass bottle 100ml, Amber glass bottle 100ml

i.e: it is spitting out the first value in the array twice and nothing else.

Please help!

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while($row_category = mysql_fetch_array($category)){
   $result[] = implode(',',$row_category);
echo implode("\n",$result);
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That's how mysql_fetch_array() returns the result, twice: a numeric key and a string key. You possibly want mysql_fetch_assoc().

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You want to implode all your product name from your database? if yes, than your code above is wrong.

mysql_fetch_array($category) only return 1 row of your database. If you want to implode of your all product name than code should like this:


or you some thing like this. You hold all your product name on array and implode it. Like this:


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use mysql_fetch_array($category, MYSQL_NUM) or mysql_fetch_row($category) or mysql_fetch_assoc($category)

The problem is that by default mysql_fetch_array returns enumerated and associative arrays combined.

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