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Im new in pygame, right now im working with sprites. My question is how do i detect if the sprite has been clicked? I want to do something when the sprite was clicked just like a button.

thx :)


thx Stephen. In addition is there a way to know who is the sprite that was clicked? Here is sample code

boxes = pygame.sprite.Group()
for color, location in [([255, 0, 0], [0, 0]),
                        ([0, 255, 0], [60, 60]),
                        ([0, 0, 255], [120, 120])]:
    boxes.add(UpDownBox(color, location)

for example i click the sprite in location [0,0], the program should print its color or its location. thanks again :)

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It's been a long time since I did anything in Pygame, but IIRC the basic idea is that your sprite should have a rect attribute that describes its position on the screen. When you receive a mouse click event, you get the position by calling pygame.mouse.get_pos(). You can then check for a collision between a rect centered at the mouse position and your sprite's rect by calling pygame.sprite.collide_rect() on both rect objects.

A good example can be found here.

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Simpler: Rect.collidepoint(x,y)

main loop

#in event handling:
if event.type == MOUSEMOTION: x,y = event.pos

for box in boxes:
    if box.rect.collidepoint(x,y): print 'yay!'

There are several more collision functions in both Rect and Sprite. See:

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