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I'm developing an iPad application where we have to periodically add/update/delete cookies while MPMoviePlayerController is playing an Adaptive Stream. Everything is working perfectly on the simulator, but when I deploy the application to the device, all cookie modifications are lost. Only the cookies that are set before starting playback were submitted to server and all modifications were ignored. I think this is a bug, but maybe I'm missing something that's why I'm asking here. I really appreciate if anybody could help. Thanks.

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Sounds like a bug / omitted functionality indeed. Never tried such scenario. How about setting / modifying those cookies in another HTTP-connection, manually created without relying on the HTTP-streaming component to do it for you? Additionally, you should file a bug report to Apple. –  Till Jun 15 '11 at 20:22
I didn't tried that but instead I managed to change cookie via streaming server. So MPMoviePlayerController is correctly working when cookies are set from server side. But if you do that from client side, you are in trouble. I'll file a bug report to Apple now. –  Yildiray Jun 16 '11 at 10:56

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