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I have made a bare repository (MY_LOCAL_REP) out of a public git repository hosted in github:

~$ git clone --bare <github repository location>

The github repository had been updated (a branch was created) and I want to fetch the changes to MY_LOCAL_REP, so I ran

~$ git fetch

The command completes successfully, but when I run

~$ git branch

I don't see the new branch. What am I doing wrong? what is the correct way to 'pull' from a github repository into a bare repository?


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When you do a git fetch, it will fetch all of the remote branches, but won't create any new local branches. If you do a git branch -a, you should see the new branch - it will be named something along the lines of remotes/origin/branchname

To create a local version of the branch, you can just do git branch <branchname> origin/<branchname> - this will create a new local branch that tracks the remote branch.

This assumes that you already have a remote set up named origin. See git branch and git remote for more info about these commands.

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Use git clone --mirror instead of git clone --bare if you want a bare repository that looks exactly like the remote repository.

See the git-clone manpage for more info.

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