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Does anyone have good reference which can help me understand JSTL SQL Basics I have already gone through

But needed something which explains in detail how the syntax and how the mapping actually works for JSTL SQL.

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Just consult its own tutorial.

Please note that the use of this taglib is discouraged for production use. It's intented for quick prototyping. Here's a cite straight from the 1st paragraph of the linked tutorial:

The JSTL SQL tags for accessing databases listed in Table 7-7 are designed for quick prototyping and simple applications. For production applications, database operations are normally encapsulated in JavaBeans components.

As to how it's "normally" to be done, you may find this tutorial useful as a kickoff point.

Unrelated to the problem, I'm not sure why you tagged scriptlet on your question. JSTL and other taglibs must not to be confused with scriptlets. But I just want to make clear that using scriptlets is more than discouraged. For more detail, see How to avoid Java Code in JSP-Files?

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