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Doing some integration work with another site I've got the unusual requirement of needing to create the layout at runtime.

At the moment I'm having to resort to something like this:

def new
  body = render_to_string 'new', :layout => false      
  page = add_layout(body, db.load_template)
  render :text => page

This is a bit awkward, I'd rather do something like:

def new
  render 'new', :layout => db.load_template

Is there a cleaner way to do this? Perhaps it's possible to register new layouts at runtime and use the normal syntax?

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Ha! I encountered a project that will solve just that. Check out panoramic. It stores rails views in the database instead of the filesystem.

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Thanks, the project doesn't do quite what I want but I had a look at the source to see how they were doing it. They register a subclass of ActionView::Resolver which lets you provide the template any way you want. –  opsb Jun 15 '11 at 12:59

You can extend ActionController::Base (or ApplicationController) with a module and alias_method_chain to make this work.

module Foo

  alias_method_chain :render, :dblayout

  def render_with_dblayout options = nil, extra_options = {}, &block
   if options.include? :dblayout
     render_without_dblayout options, extra_options { yield }

ActionController::Base.send(:include, Foo)
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