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I am newbie in RoR and a few past days I am struggling with strings in URL. I have some items in database and these items I would like to insert them to URL. For example, my web:

Items in database:

items1 items2 items3

I am thinking, how to edit routes.rb and my controller for following the shape of URL:

Had someone similar problem or have someone some hints, how to do? I would be very glad for any help. I have no idea how to do :/

Thank you in advance.

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Read this guide – Ant Jun 15 '11 at 12:45
Of course, I read it. My problem is, that I don't know, how to distinguish, if I have in URL only "" or "" and something with controller, as can be "" or "" – user1946705 Jun 15 '11 at 12:55

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The routes just have to be unique and the symbol is the value in the name value pair

    match '/item/:item_id' => 'controller#action'
    then get the item_id from params[:item_id]

The above is saying like using 1 as an example item_id so say like

    match '/item/:category/:item_id' => 'controller#action'

    params[:category] = foo_category
    params[:item_id] = bar_item

but you couldn't have 2 routes like

   match '/item/:category' => 'controller#action'
   match '/item/:item_id' => 'controller#action'

because rails just sees it as /item/x and will probably match it with the first match in routes Hope that helps.

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