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I'm trying to get select to work right and it seems to be returning 1 even when there is nothing to be read on the socket. So I end up calling recv and it blocks because nothing is there to read.

Also annoying is the fact that with winsock it is necessary to call FD_SET each time select is called, which isn't consistent with standard implementations.

Are there any other weird quirks I need to be aware of?

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Show us your code. Without it we can tell what is wrong. –  Zuljin Jun 15 '11 at 13:02

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I fixed it but I cannot determine what exactly the cause of the problem was. I do know that it is very relevant that FD_SET must be used to re-set the set for each select() call. According to the documentation, after calling select it fills in the sets which are ready for read/write/etc.

Moral of the story today is: read the documentation.

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