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my client have 2 server and from first server then want to send a request with some parameters and the second server take those parameters with get method, the problem is when the request come there is a + sign in it for e.g in blood group its A+, B+, O+

The data is coming fine but when I am inserting the record its removing + sign from it.

how can I get it done, as there is some space between them.

get method

http://domain.com/join.aspx?msid=238487987328&sms=Peter D 23 O+ Indiana

when I am getting it with Request.QueryString["sms"] its removing + sign

Thanks Regards

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You need to URL encode the parameters (or rather, the whole URL).

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The + sign is the encoded version of a space, and therefore need URL Encoding to preserve it.

In fact, you need to URL Encode any URL passed parameters, make a note for the future!

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Encode + sign then add it to your query string

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