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I'm developing a software (mac & pc) for opening & annotating PDFs for presentations. I need help finding a Java library that can assist with opening an external PDF, that will not just open the text, but the images & formatting as well. Anyone have experience with this?

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There's a library called iText that does most things you will need for PDF. I only know it because it was part of an application I modified, so I don't have anything to compare it against.

I did find some of its behavior non-intuitive, so you may want to look around still.

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AFAIK iText is to generate and manipulate PDF files. If you want to open and view PDFs use http://pdfbox.apache.org/

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Most Java libraries will let you access the low level objects. Your exact requirement is quite vague what exactly are you trying to do?

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the exact requirements are to open an external pdf and be able to support the images and formatting/annotations on the PDF. Right now, I think iText is not supporting the images & formatting. –  Jimmy Smith Jun 17 '11 at 14:29

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