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is there any way to refresh a subreport on Reporting services?

When i change something on a subreport file and back to the main report, i've to delete the subreport object and include a new instance again, to get my preview updated.

is there any way to update the sub report object in the main report without have to delete and include the same again?

thanks in advance

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Does the top level refresh button not work? How are you running the report from the website or in a development tool? – u07ch Jun 15 '11 at 14:16
i'm on the visual studio 2008 [Designer], when i click on the refresh buttom on the preview, the report is not updated!!! (but the rdl file was changed) – Flavio Oliveira Jun 15 '11 at 14:25

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Actually I think the answer is to ensure that you preview or rebuild the sub-report before you view it in the parent report.
The simplest way to rebuild a subreport is to preview it in BIDS, but you can also right-click | build on the report in the Solution Explorer. Alternatively, rebuild your whole report project if that's easier than rebuilding individual reports.

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Previewing the updated subreport (as a stand-alone) worked for me. Rebuilding the solution did not. – ChargingPun Jul 31 at 15:46

In BIDS, in your top level report, you should have a Subreport object. That object is essentially just a pointer to another rdl in the project. This should update automatically. What i think you're seeing is BIDS loading a stale version of the subreport. If this happens try closing BIDS all the way down and open the project back up again and rerun the parent report. It should have the updated subreport.

This is all assuming that you've got a report project in bids with standalone reports instead of embedding reports in aspx pages.

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