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Long time lurker, first time poster.

Had a good look through similar posts and there's not anything mentioned that does what we're after. Not sure if it's because we need to change the way we do things but ideally I'd want to use an app rather than writing something in-house.

We are a small web development team, 5 man, we do sites and apps for mobile and web. We break our projects down into half day chunks, and I try to keep the morning slot so that everyone is working on the same project, and then in the afternoon whatever needs to be done.

Looking for something where:

  1. Create a project with a deadline, add users to the project
  2. Give a value to each user e.g. Rob 2 chunks, Jon 3 chunks, Pete 4 chunks etc.
  3. Add the chunks to the calendar, day against developer.
  4. Can drag and drop / move chunks about - can stick the chunks into a backlog.
  5. Ideally something showing me how many chunks there are between now and the project deadline.

Really I'm just looking to get a high level overview on what we're working on so I can schedule new work in. Collaboration/integration doesn't bother me.

Currently using a mix of Google spread sheets and calendar, it's really labour intensive.

Interested to see if there's anything out there that would do this, or, a methodology that you could recommend fits that we could adopt and then use software based on that.

Thank you, Rob

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I see that you are used to thinking in chunks and that it works for you, but you might want to consider changing your method slightly. Not being stuck with the idea of chunks will enable you to use lots of commercial software and will also help with communication. Dave Long mentioned burn down charts and I am a big fan of these. I've created a tutorial and google docs template for them and I think it does a lot of what you want.Link:Burn Down Chart Tutorial:Simple Agile Project Tracking – i8abug Jun 16 '11 at 13:37
Looks good - you deffo know how to work a spread sheet. – Rob Jun 17 '11 at 16:06
Probably the closest two things I've found is and - they both kind of do what I'm after, plannerhq is the closest. – Rob Jun 17 '11 at 16:18

I'm not sure what defines a "chunk", so am going to recommend a partner company of ours who build Gemini. What you could do with Gemini is the following :

  1. Create a Project and assign Components and versions to the project (Versions have "Release" Dates that could act as your Due Date for Project)
  2. Create Work Items, each allocated a Due Date, and assigned to a Resource (one of your users).
    • work items would then describe the content of each chunk
    • if you need to allocate resources "per project" then you can use project groups to do this, although not necessary if all users are working on the same projects or you not concerned about visibility.
  3. By Setting Due Date, each work Item would be added to the "planner" - where you could also drag drop items around on the planner board to reallocate due date etc.
  4. Progress of each work item can be tracked via time logged, or percent completed.
  5. The Project Road Map will show you your Backlog of work items, and the "My Work" dashboards the backlog for each individual user
  6. The Burndown charts will show you progress of your workload and how much you are "burning"

One of the advantages of using something like Gemini is that you have the flexibility to keep things fairly high level, but also the functionality to get quite detailed if required.

Anyway, as I said, I'm not sure if this will work for you, but hopefully you'll be able to adapt Gemini to work for you - it is very flexible in terms of the system taxonomy, and you can easily change the termninology used to suite your needs.

HTH. Dave

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Dave, thanks for that. I've used chunk to represent a bit of time. Currently I book work on half days but could be full days, 2 hours etc. I'll have a good look through Gemini. – Rob Jun 17 '11 at 15:59

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