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Is there a way to direct the install of redcar to a user defined location other than a user home directory?

I have a jruby install on a USB drive, E:\jruby-1.6.2. Redcar installs the gems to the E:\jruby sub directory but then installs the user files to ~/ on c:.

Is there a way to direct it to e:\fakehome. I want to keep all installation files on my USB drive.

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I do not have a Redcar-specific solution, but here is a general solution that may work for you.


The user has an application that installs application data files to a fixed location, but the user wants the files in a different location (such as a removable drive or a standardized app data directory).


Use a Junction Point or Symlink to simulate the presence of the pre-configured directory.


  • install the application normally
  • locate the pre-configured directory that you wish to have relocated (e.g. c:\users\foouser\appdata\fooapp)
  • create an empty directory with the same name in your alternate desired location (e.g., e:\myusbdrive\appdata\fooapp)
  • terminate the application you just installed if it is still running
  • move all of the files out of the pre-configured directory and put them in the desired directory
  • delete the toplevel pre-configured directory
  • create a junction that points to the toplevel pre-configured directory you just deleted from the alternate desired location
  • restart the application and use it normally, making sure that it still behaves normally.

If all goes well you should be finished.

Here i a link to a junction creator (for older versions of Windows (TM))



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This response from Matthew Scharley directly answers how this can be done for redcar.

For the moment it is hard coded. Thankfully it is easy to change:


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The link is outdated as the file it points to has changed. I believe that line 211 once pointed to the self.home_dir method, which is on line 268 at the time of this comment posting. BTW, it parses a commandline switch now (/^--home-dir=(.*)/), so the original problem no longer exists. –  marfarma Jun 28 '12 at 20:26

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