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I was just implementing a Webservices method that needs to take as an argument a list of objects. On the client side, I tried to call this passing it a list of the objects, but the compiler complained saying that it needed an ObservableCollection instead. Here is the code:

Server Side

public void SaveMarks(List<CompletedMark> marks)

Client Side

private void SaveMarks()
    ObservableCollection<CompletedMark> marks = new ObservableCollection<CompletedMark>();
    //List<CompletedMark> marks = new List<CompletedMark>();

    foreach (SelectedField elem in SelectedFields)
        marks.Add(new CompletedMark
                          FormId = curFormId,
                          QuestionId = elem.Qid,
                          XPos = Canvas.GetLeft(elem.assocGrid),
                          YPos = Canvas.GetTop(elem.assocGrid),
                          Width = elem.assocGrid.Width,
                          Height = elem.assocGrid.Height

I have commented out the line where I originally specified the List. Why is it that I need to use an ObservableCollection here even though I declared it as type List on the server? Is my server-side declaration incorrect?

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Did you recently update/regenerate the proxy? It could be out of sync –  BrokenGlass Jun 15 '11 at 14:54
Yes, it is updated. The problem lies in the type being passed, not it not working at all. –  themaestro Jun 15 '11 at 17:43

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The default type collections are serialized to in Silverlight is ObservableCollection, mainly for ease in using it for DataBinding purposes. Ehsan's answer is correct; you can change what the default type is in the Configure Service Reference dialog.

Alternatively, you can change this to serialize to a generic list (probably more useful if you have a variety of consumers, or if this is more of a data-transfer-object instead of something you'd bind directly to).

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Go to your client project -> Service References -> [Your Proxy] and then Right-Click and select Configure Service Reference. in the new opened dialog you can set the way you like to have collections serialized.

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Thanks, but what would be the impact of changing this. Why is the default ObservableCollection as opposed to List? What is the underlying mechanic? –  themaestro Jun 15 '11 at 15:34

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