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I have 2 list of nodes A and B for graph G in networkx.

I want to draw the nodes such that List A remains on left side and nodes in List B on right side.

For this I want to know the size of the window and do something like for nodes in List A have spring layout on the left side of window and the same for List B on right side.

Is there any way to do so.... ?

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import networkx as nx
g = nx.Graph()
ListA = [1]
ListB = [2]
for node in ListA:
for node in ListB:
pos=nx.spring_layout(g)   // want to change the position of all the nodes such that ListA is on left and ListB is on right
print pos
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This link draws the graphs seperately, but I'm not sure it draws them in any particular orientation.

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