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How can I get the value of a custom environment variable in a classic ASP page using VBScript?

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You can use the ExpandEnvironmentStrings method of the WScript.Shell object to retrieve environment variables. The following code will assign the value of the PATH environment variable to var myPath:

set foo = createobject("WScript.Shell")
myPath = foo.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%PATH%")

More info on the Shell object as MSDN

Edit: Had to change the variable to which the shell object is assigned.

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Excellent, that worked. Thanks! –  MikeWyatt Jun 15 '11 at 20:29
Very nice, obvious +1! But what about permissions? Doesn't it require any elevated permissions for the IUSR account? –  Shadow Wizard Jun 16 '11 at 8:09

The following worked for me, based on this article

Set objWSH =  CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
'This actually returns all the User Variables, and you either loop through all, or simply print what you want
Set objUserVariables = objWSH.Environment("USER") 

'This returns all the System Variables, and you either loop through all, or simply print what you want
Set objSystemVariables = objWSH.Environment("SYSTEM")
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