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When using Ribboncontrol october 2010 release from Microsoft, even if I don't use QAT I get a right click event "show quick access toolbar" (which doesn't do anything). How can this be disabled ?

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Unfortunately the following does not do the task:

<r:Ribbon x:Name="Ribbon"  
            Title="title" IsMinimized="False">
                <r:RibbonApplicationMenu Visibility="Collapsed"/>
                <r:RibbonQuickAccessToolBar Visibility="Collapsed" />

Take care that the context-menu also does not disapear, when you have disabled all other features of the ribbon.

Sorry, I thought I solved the problem some time ago, but actually I didn't.

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thanks SwissCoder. Indeed I tried that also and it doesn't do the trick ;-( –  fabien Jun 15 '11 at 16:38

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