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The MySQL statement below gives me three times the same result because I need to select all the data from the different tables to do the comparisons. How can I tell MySQL that I only need one of those entries?

SELECT FROM watchedItems, globalItems, bidGroups 
WHERE (watchedItems.bidGroupID IS NULL OR (watchedItems.bidGroupID IS NOT NULL AND bidGroups.bidGroupQty > 0))
AND watchedItems.aid = globalItems.aid
AND watchedItems.maxPrice > globalItems.currentPrice


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SELECT distinct( FROM ...

"DISTINCT specifies removal of duplicate rows from the result set."

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Thanks Gryphius, that worked. – Frank Vilea Jun 15 '11 at 16:18

You need some joins:

FROM watchedItems
left join globalItems on watchedItems.bidGroupID = bidGroups.bidGroupID 
left join bidGroups on watchedItems.aid = globalItems.aid
WHERE (watchedItems.bidGroupID IS NULL OR bidGroups.bidGroupQty > 0)
AND watchedItems.maxPrice > globalItems.currentPrice

You were getting duplicates because there were three rows in the bidGroups table.

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