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I need to write a program which simply a measurement conversion program. The program first ask the user for name of a binary file (unit conversion data), open the file, and set arrays.

My structure:

struct unit {               
    char name[NAME_LEN];        
    char abbrev[ABBREV_LEN];    
    char class[CLASS_LEN];                                      
    double standard;            

and my function:

int fread_units(int unit_max,struct unit units[], int *unit_sizep)
    FILE *filep;
    struct unit data;
    int i, status;
    char fullname[10];

    /* Gets database of units from file                                 */

    printf("Enter name of binary file> ");
    scanf("%s", fullname);
    strcat(fullname, ".bin");
    i = 0;
    filep = fopen(fullname, "rb");
    //fseek (filep , 0 , SEEK_END);
    for (status = fread(&data, sizeof( struct unit ), 1, filep);
         status == 1 && i < unit_max;
         status = fread(&data, sizeof( struct unit ), 1, filep)){
        units[i++] = data;
    printf("\n%f", units[3].standard);
    /* Issue error message on premature exit                            */
    if (status == 0) {
        printf("\n*** Error in data format ***\n");
        printf("*** Using first %d datavalues ***\n",i);
    else if (status != EOF) {
        printf("\n*** Error: too much data in file ***\n");
        printf("*** Using first %d data values ***\n", i);

    /* Send back size of used portion of array                          */
    *unit_sizep = i;

    if(status == 4)
        status = 1;
    else if (status != EOF)
        status = 0;


According to the book, (fread(&data, sizeof( struct unit ), 1, filep);) is enough to store all data into a structure.

But it doesn't work for me...


*** Error in data format ***
*** Using first 4 datavalues ***
To convert 25 kilometers to miles, you would enter
> 25 kilometers miles
    or, alternatively,
>   25 km mi
> 25 km mi
Attempting conversion of 25.0000 km to mi . . .
Unit kmnot in database

Enter a conversion problem or q to quit.

my units.bin file;

miles                   mi          distance        1609.3
kilometers              km          distance        1000
yards                   yd          distance        0.9144
meters                  m           distance        1
quarts                  qt          liguid_volume   0.94635
liters                  l           liquid_volume   1
gallons                 gal         liquid_volume   .7854
millimeters             ml          liquid_volume   0.001
kilograms               kg          mass            1
grams                   g           mass            0.001
slugs                   slugs       mass            0.14594
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Wait, is your units.bin file a text file? How is standard field really saved? – littleadv Jun 15 '11 at 17:47
Your struct says that the last field is a double, but your file contains a textual representation of the number! You have to do something else to read the textual number and then convert it to an actual double. – Kerrek SB Jun 15 '11 at 17:58
How can I create a binary file to work on it? – mustafaSarialp Jun 15 '11 at 18:22
Well - if you are happy with your formatted text file you should look into fscanf() for formatted reading instead of fread(). – user422005 Jun 15 '11 at 21:15
If you solved your problem, you should place your solution in an answer and accept it. Preferably with an explanation of what changes you needed to make to fix your problem. – Jeff Mercado Jun 16 '11 at 6:38

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I solved my problem.I created a binary file with following code.

#include <stdio.h>

#define NAME_LEN    30  
#define ABBREV_LEN  15  
#define CLASS_LEN   20  
#define MAX_UNITS   20  

struct unit {               
    char name[NAME_LEN];        
    char abbrev[ABBREV_LEN];    
    char class[CLASS_LEN];                                      
    double standard;            

int main(void)
    int i;
    struct unit unitp[MAX_UNITS];
    FILE *inp, *outp;
    inp = fopen("units.dat", "r");
    outp = fopen("units.bin", "wb");
        fscanf(inp, "%s%s%s%lf", unitp[i].name,
    fwrite(unitp, sizeof(struct unit ), i, outp);



and my for loop;

for (status = fread(&units[i++], sizeof( struct unit ), 1, filep);
     i < MAX_UNITS && !feof(filep);
     status = fread(&units[i++], sizeof( struct unit ), 1, filep)){
    //units[i++] = data;
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