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I am trying to insmod binder.ko built for ubuntu-11. But I am getting the liking errors. The error says that some of the symbols used inside the driver are not present indside the linux kernel running on ubuntu (get_vm_page), but these symbols are present in /boot/System.map (kernel symbol table)

I took the kernel configuration from /boot/congig-generic

Can some one help me with the additional config options and some other steps for insmod to be successful on binder.ko?

Once this is successful, my final objective is to run ANDROID apps on ubuntu.

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This needs to be built statically with the kernel. (ubuntu 11 default configuration will suffice for this build to be successful, the errors reported in the post are because the module doesnt have facilities to be an insertable module.


the warnings and error messages need not always represent the exact problem.

Also thanks to strace insmod binder.ko (hinted me on absence of init_module)

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