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I have a DataGrid (called TheGrid) that I would like to implement copy and paste functionality on. The copy functionality works great but I don't know how to implement paste. Do I just need to get the data from the clipboard and parse myself?

The command bindings:

    <CommandBinding Command="Copy" Executed="CommandBinding_Executed" CanExecute="CommandBinding_CanExecute" />
    <CommandBinding Command="Paste" Executed="CommandBinding_Executed" CanExecute="CommandBinding_CanExecute" />

The menu items:

<MenuItem Header="{x:Static culture:TextResource.CopyMenuItem}" Command="Copy"/>
<MenuItem Header="{x:Static culture:TextResource.PasteMenuItem}" Command="Paste"/>

The code behind for CommandBinding_Executed:

private void CommandBinding_Executed(object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e)
        // This works great, wow that was easy!
        ApplicationCommands.Copy.Execute(null, TheGrid);
    else if (e.Command.Equals(ApplicationCommands.Paste))
        //What do I do here? Is there an easy way to paste like there was for copy?
        // Or do I need to grab data using Clipboard.GetData and parse it myself?
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It's not easy to do
You should parse clipboard data with ClipboardHelper
take a look at this question

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Maybe I'm missing something but what namespace is ClipboardHelper in? I can't compile and am getting the perty red squiggle :-/ –  KrisTrip Jun 16 '11 at 18:25
look at the link in my answer –  Navid Rahmani Jun 16 '11 at 19:45
oops, didn't read far enough...thanks :) –  KrisTrip Jun 16 '11 at 20:09
Ahh, the days when a link-only answer was good enough. Thanks though! –  theMayer Dec 10 '14 at 2:40

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