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I have an application using Grails Quartz plugin. I need to have two jobs to have multiple instances running, but have separate limitation on number of threads to be used for each job. As far as I understand, I need separate Thread Pools, which is possible by having separate schedulers. However, I cannot figure out how to create multiple schedulers with Quartz plugin.

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When you mean multiple instances running are you talking about using different triggers to start the job multiple times? –  Jeff Beck Jun 15 '11 at 19:43
Yes, two jobs I mention are triggerred multiple times concurrently. –  Orhan Jun 16 '11 at 22:59

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Assuming you want to use different triggers to start the job multiple times. this works for me.

class MyJob {

    static triggers = {
        cron name: 'trigger1', cronExpression: "0 30 12 ? * WED"
        cron name: 'trigger2', cronExpression: "0 30 12 ? * SAT"

    def execute() {

        // execute task, do your thing here
        println "Job executed"

Finally, about concurrent tasks. This is from the plug-in page:

By default Jobs are executed in concurrent fashion, so new Job execution can start even if previous execution of the same Job is still running.

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