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I'm building a custom control in Silverlight by deriving from ContentControl and doing some special formatting to put a dropshadow behind the contents.

I've nearly got it working but have recently ran into a bizarre error. It works fine if it contains anything besides a Border, or a Grid/Stackpanel/etc that does not have an explicitly defined height and width.

I get a JavaScript error in IE, and the text says:

Runtime Error 4008... Layout Cycle Detected... Layout Could Not Complete.

If I specify a height and width on the contained grid/stackpanel/etc it works fine.

There is a ton on the web about this error when too many textboxes are used (over 250), but I'm able to reproduce my error with a single button in a grid.

I have no textboxes at all on the page. The error has to do with a detected infinite loop. I set a few breakpoints in the code and it seems that the "SizeChanged" event is getting called a lot during rendering, and each time the height/width increments by 10.

I'm assuming that setting a default height/width causes it to skip this incrementing of the number, but I have no idea why this error is happening.

Has anyone ran into this or have any ideas?

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I've run into this issue with the Telerik RadWindow control (it would probably also happen with the regular ChildWindow). The problem happened when I specified MinHeight and MinWidth without specifying Width and Height. When the size of the window's contents changed, a layout cycle occurred. Setting Width and Height to the same values as MinWidth and MinHeight solved the problem. –  Richard Beier Feb 15 '11 at 7:13

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There is a good blog post on this error here.

Bascially what can happen is your changing some size in a measureoverride somewhere which causes another measure which changes the size which causes a measure and so on. I ran into this once before and fixed it by removing any code that caused a layout update or triggered a layout update during the layout cycle.

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This is the problem I'm seeing. The linked blog post suggests only doing your layout stuff on initial load and when the silverlight app (the containing user control) changes its size. This might work for me, but I've not yet tested it when doing animations and other actions. Thanks for the help! –  Matthew Timbs Mar 12 '09 at 18:16

A common cause is handling SizeChanged and then in the handler doing something that affects the size of the element. Sometimes this is not obvious - it could be modifying child elements which affect the size of their container for instance.

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1.If you are using LongListSelector inside ScrollViewer, better remove that. I was facing the same problem and my LongListSelector was inside ScrollViewer. During ItemRealized event, was getting this error.

2.Don't use updatelayout() inside itemrealized..I was using something like


Simply use ScrollTo

3.If you are using image inside longlistselector, make sure to set the height and width of the image.

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I had the same problem and what i did was put all the layout updates (size changes) in a "invoke" delegate en invoked later, it stops crashing but you there is a good change it's stuck in a loop

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