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Dictionary<string, List<DisplayAllQuestionsTable>> tPages= new Dictionary<string, List<DisplayAllQuestionsTable>>();;
List<DisplayAllQuestionsTable> threadsByTopic = new List<DisplayAllQuestionsTable>();
int tPage=0;
        foreach (var topicKeys in postsByTopic)

               if (topicKeys.Key == subTopic)
                    foreach (var item in postsByTopic[topicKeys.Key])
                        threadsByTopic.Add(item);//Adds All DisplayAllTables objects
                        //if there are 20 add a button.
                        if (maximumTopicPages == 20)
                            tPages.Add(tPage.ToString(), threadsByTopic);//The threadsByTopic clears everytime i call threadsByTopic.clear()



I know that if it is a reference, its reference is passed by value. But if i add it the threadByTopic list to the dictionary..isnt it saved as it is...? or does it have to be reset?

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The instance is added to dictionary, but its still the same list so when u use clear u are clearing the list u just added. U should create new list object instead using clear.

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Thats exactly what i did and it solved the problem –  Dmitry Makovetskiyd Jun 15 '11 at 18:56

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