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I have a table that looks like this:

I have this same chart on a few pages hard coded.

I want to be able to change the tables on all the pages using js and jQuery

I want to make it so that the YTD button is next to the From Date input and the MTD is next to the To Date input.

I have tried to do that here:

But it seems that it gets messed up at some points.

How do I fix that?


If I try doing


My result looks like this:

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Meaning you want them closer to the input field? They already look like they're sort of by the inputs in your jsfiddle. – kinakuta Jun 15 '11 at 19:01
@kinakuta, yes but look at the other rows... – Neal Jun 15 '11 at 19:04
Ah, ok, I was only focussing on those - back at it. – kinakuta Jun 15 '11 at 19:05

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Did I misunderstand something crucial here, or just do this?




If you want to edit the table structure instead, you could do this:

$(".main tr:not(:first):not(:last)").append($('<td />'));
$(".main tr:first th, .main tr:last td").attr('colspan',3);

$(".main tr:lt(2) td:last").append($('.YTD'));
$(".main tr:lt(3) td:last").append($('.MTD'));


edit 2

If you just want to add new cells to those 2 rows and colspan the rest:

$(".main td:last-child:not(.first)").attr('colspan',function(i,a){
    if (typeof a == "undefined") a = 1;
    return (parseInt(a)+1);

$(".main tr:first th, .main tr:last td").attr('colspan',3);

$(".main tr:lt(2) td:last").attr('colspan','').after($('<td />').append($('.YTD')));

$(".main tr:lt(3) td:last").attr('colspan','').after($('<td />').append($('.MTD')));


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