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I'm trying to declare some final Strings for using as keys later, but I keep getting a null pointer exception.

private final String KEY = getString(R.string.key);

This is declared at the top of my activity, before onCreate(). Does the problem stem from referring to R in the class?

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The problem is, that you cannot access the getString(..) there. Why dont you just save the int value?

private static final int KEY = R.string.key

and than where you need it call the yourContext.getString(KEY);


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Great idea. I can't hit answered for another 7 minutes. –  psoulos Jun 15 '11 at 19:04

These initializers will be called when the object is constructed, which may be before it has a valid context.

Don't call getString() before onCreate(). You won't be able to have the strings final, though.

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