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They are severals geocoding gem ou there at gems on ruby toolbox, maybe more...

I work with the latest version of rails 3.1 (still rc4)

I need to put markers on a map (google) based on addresses

I need to find all markers close to one given location

I need also to find all markers located in one given country

Which gem(s) do you suggest?

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I'll use Gmaps4Rails to compute automaticaly latitude and longitude in my model

and I'll use gmap3 to build the map, a jQuery plugin.

another solution is geocoder, see Ryan Bates' screencast

this jQuery widget is also very nice jquery-addresspicker

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To filter markers, use Geokit for Rails 3.

To geocode and display markers, I definitely recommend my gem Gmaps4Rails

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Here's how to display markers without any gems, just javascript


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