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When trying to use ASIHTTP.

ASIHTTP: ld: duplicate symbol _OBJC_IVAR_$_ASIAuthenticationDialog.request in

I keep getting this error

enter image description here

I did tried Product -> Clean Target / etc, no luck.


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3 Answers 3

Make sure you import the .h file instead of the .m

#import @"ASIAuthenticationDialog.h"

Instead of

#import @"ASIAuthenticationDialog.m"

Importing the .m file will produce this linker error.

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nope, that's not it...even if I do not import anything it gives that error. All I did was add the "Classes" folder from AIS into the project –  Carpi Jun 15 '11 at 20:14

I can Import just fine, but when I build I get a ton of errors referring to ARC (Automatic reference counting). I guess it hasn't been converted yet. Anyone know if it is being optimized to run with ARC?

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I ended up with this issue after linking a static library that already included the ASIHTTPRequest project. To fix it I had to remove the linker flags "-all_load -ObjC" from my app project.

Unfortunately this leads to other issues, like Categories not working in the static library I was linking.

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