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I have a property stored in a string... say Object Foo has a property Bar, so to get the value of the Bar property I would call..


Now say that I have "Bar" stored in a string variable...

string property = "Bar"

Foo foo = new Foo();

how would I get the value of foo.Bar using property?

How I'm use to doing it in PHP

$property = "Bar";

$foo = new Foo();

echo $foo->{$property};
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Foo foo = new Foo();
var barValue = foo.GetType().GetProperty("Bar").GetValue(foo, null)
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You would use reflection:

PropertyInfo propertyInfo = foo.GetType().GetProperty(property);
object value = propertyInfo.GetValue(foo, null);

The null in the call there is for indexed properties, which is not what you have.

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You need to use reflection to do this.

Something like this should take care of you

foo.GetType().GetProperty(property).GetValue(foo, null);
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