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I am trying to implement an editable table viewer in Eclipse SWT. I think I've done everything ok until now, problem is the table is not editable - nothing happens if I click on any row.

I have registered some CellEditors with all my columns:

CellEditor[] editors = new CellEditor[columnNames.length]; 
editors[0] = new TextCellEditor(table);
//do the above for all columns

and then I specify a cell modifier for my table:

tableViewer.setCellModifier(new CellModifier(this));

The CellModifier class looks like this:

public class CellModifier implements ICellModifier{

private DBStructureView dbView;

public CellModifier(DBStructureView view){
    this.dbView = view;

public boolean canModify(Object element, String property) {
    return true;

public Object getValue(Object element, String property) {
    int columnIndex = dbView.getColumnNames().indexOf(property);

    Object result = null;
    AttributeNode node = (AttributeNode) element;

    case 0://row id
            result = node.getRow();
    case 1://name
            result = node.getName();
    case 2://value
            result = node.getValue();
            result = "unknown";

    return result;

public void modify(Object element, String property, Object value) {
    int columnIndex = dbView.getColumnNames().indexOf(property);

    TableItem item = (TableItem) element;
    AttributeNode node = (AttributeNode)item.getData();
    String valueString;

    case 0:
        valueString = ((String) value).trim();
    case 1: 
        valueString = ((String) value).trim();
    case 2:
        valueString = ((String) value).trim();


Having done all this, what can go wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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I doesn't look like plain SWT, do you use JFace..? I had implemented once cell editor on plain table and it absolutely different code.. –  Sorceror Jun 15 '11 at 20:28
Yeah, not plain SWT sorry –  AndaP Jun 16 '11 at 7:31
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I have found the bug, it seems I forgot to set the properties for the columns. I added:


and now it works fine, I can edit any of my cells!

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Thanks for this tip! I had ignored this and wasted quite a lot of itme debugging this! –  chimanrao Mar 6 at 7:16
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The switch statement in your getValue() misses the break; in each case, it always sets result to "unknown".

Then, if I compare your code with the example in JFace Snippets, it seems you are missing


in modify().

But both issues don't explain why "nothing happens", when you click the cell. Since we don't have a running snippet from you, we can only speculate. Did you debug? When you set breakpoints in getValue() and modify(), and click a cell, do you hit the breakpoints?

Update: Since you write, that your code doesn't get hit at all, the issue is most probably in the code you haven't shown us.

Please read the Javadoc of ColumnViewer.setCellEditor():

Users setting up an editable TreeViewer or TableViewer with more than 1 column have to pass the SWT.FULL_SELECTION style bit

Check if your Table has that style bit.

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Yes, I set the breakpoint in both getValue and modify and they were not called when clicking the cells. You are right about the break; in the switch, I added them later. –  AndaP Jun 16 '11 at 7:27
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