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I was wondering what is Windows Phone 7 SDK language to write apps for this OS? And where can I download the SDK, is there any Mac version?

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You use C# and the Silverlight framework for the Windows Phone 7. Get the SDK here. There are no Mac version of the tools.

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You can develop apps in C#, VB.NET, F# or IronRuby.

You can get all the tools and the SDK from

There is no Mac support for development. Apparently Windows runs well on Mac hardware though ;)

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I was wondering what is Windows Phone 7 SDK LNG to write apps for this OS. And where can I download the SDK

LNG stands for the programing language? Go to App Hub and you can download for free everthing you need to bulid apps. Basically, you can use C# or VB.Net (best support has C#), but there is possible to write some code in other language that run within .NET CF like F#, and there will be some support for native languages in the future.

is there any Mac version

Nope, and I think we won't see it in the near future (if ever).

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