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I am working on a simple eclipse plugin. I want to get details such as the time of last commit, number of different authors. Size in kb of the files.

I want to get these details programmatically. I am using google host svn. I am using subclipse plugin to access svn through eclipse. I am using java. How do I proceed to reach my objective?

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Can use just use shell script, sed, and awk? How hard is your java requirement? – nsfyn55 Jun 15 '11 at 20:39
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Check out SVNKit and the wiki. For commit related info as you asked for take a look at the SVNCommitInfo class:-

The SVNCommitInfo class represents information about a committed revision. Commit information includes:

a revision number;
a datestamp when the revision was committed;
the name of the revision author. 

In addition, this class provides anexception that, if a commit has failed, has got a description of a failure reason.

SVNDirEntry class is also useful for your purposes:-

SVNDirEntry keeps an entry name, entry kind (is it a file or directory), file size (in case an entry is a file), the last changed revision, the date when the entry was last changed, the name of the author who last changed the entry, the commit log message for the last changed revision. SVNDirEntry also knows if the entry has any properties.

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