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var crm = new XrmDataContext("Crm");

var properties = from property in crm.awx_propertyawx_properties

orderby property.awx_name

select new {
    awx_name = property.awx_name == null ? "no name" : property.awx_name
 properties = properties.Where(a => a.awx_name.StartsWith("Sears Tower"));

I get the error "Cannot determine the attribute name" - what am I doing wrong here? I read in plenty of threads that this is perfectly okay to do. HELP!

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I too spent quite a while trying to find a way of issuing dynamic where clauses against the CRM system.

I tried similar syntax above and also built a predicate builder. Both did not work.

In the end I had to take a 2 stage approach. 1. Pull a superset from CRM using static where clause into a collection 2. Query dynamically from my in memory collection using standard techniques.

I hate CRM.


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