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Where can I find Flash WebSocket class/library for Flash (not Flash builder, no mx classes)? Please provide an example if possible.

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websocket-as is probably the closest you'll find. However, it implements an older version of the WebSockets protocol, Hixei-75. Most browsers that have WebSockets (either on by default such as Chrome, or off by default like Firefox 4 and Opera 11) implement Hixie-76. The HyBi version of the protocol are coming soon.

You might be able to adapt websocket-as to support the new protocol by looking at the implementation in web-socket-js which implements Hixie-76. web-socket-js is a shim/polyfill for WebSockets support in Javascript. web-socket-js uses mx.* classes however. There is a development branch of web-socket-js which implements HyBi-07.


Another project that tracks the current HyBi protocol pretty well is AS3WebSocket. AS3WebSocket uses some mx.* classes however.

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