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I wanted to compile my python program that uses pygame into an executable using py2exe but I'm experiencing some problems. I run the script in the windows command line and it seems to work. It creates a dist directory but when I try to open the .exe file, it briefly opens a command line window and then doesn't do anything.

Could this possibly be because I've used pygame and py2exe doesn't support it? Or do I need to put a copy of the pygame library into the same directory as my program?

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There is an answer to this on the pygame wiki: http://pygame.org/wiki/Pygame2exe To include pygame in the executable, you will need to edit BuildExe.__init__

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Try running the .exe from the command line to see if it's printing some kind of error message. Probably it's missing some DLLs, which you'll need to manually specify when executing py2exe.

This blog post might be useful.

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